Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Video Publishers October 2016

Here are brief profiles as who are the most watched Facebook video publishers as of October 2016.

Launched in 2014, UNILAD is a UK based publisher that has over 22 million Facebook followers worldwide. It is a platform founded by millennials for millennials. UNILAD publishes a variety of entertainment content and news about politics, celebrities, and humor. Their funny photos, videos, and memes get viral attention quickly, with a mix of heartwarming and adult humor. Included is a lot of shock content, which tends to spread quickly across social media.

2.) The LAD Bible
The entertainment publisher, TheLADbible was founded in 2012 and has reached an incredible following of more than 18 million Facebook fans across the globe. They specialize in shocking and funny content, news, entertainment, viral photos and videos, and technology. They are based out of the United Kingdom and since their launch as a Facebook page, now have the 12th most visited website in the UK.

3.) Viral Thread

Viewers see a lot of heartfelt, funny, and surprising content on Viral Thread, an entertainment publisher. Viral Thread recently was mentioned as #7 on Facebook’s 2016 Year in Review for the top ten global Live videos with their video launched on November 9, 2016, Population count from US to CA. ,

4.) Tasty

Tasty, led by Buzzfeed has tons of recipes shared with simple, easy to follow, short video clips of delicious recipes. With over 77 million Facebook followers, Tasty launched in July of 2015 and its audience has grown tremendously since. They make recipes of all types look incredibly easy to fix, and never seem to stop surprising or wowing viewers across the world.

5.) 5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts, video publishing page on Facebook, was created by Bright Side. It features great arts and craft projects, DIY content, recipes, and much more. With over 18 million Facebook fans, 5-Minute Crafts continues to pour out excellent tips for a range of audiences that are inspiring and fun to watch.


6.) Daily Mail
News video publisher, Daily Mail, publishes a great variety of news. It covers politics, entertainment, and many touching stories, and some sad stories. With a following on Facebook of over 7 million, Daily Mail has had many viral videos across social media. While they are mostly a news organization, their viral videos are generally remarkably funny or sentimental videos of everyday people all over the world.

7.) Bright Side
Bright Side is a very fun and unique Facebook publisher, with well over 20 million followers. Expect to see lots of brainteasers, interesting facts, and videos that range from recipes, inspiration, design ideas and general advice. The mission of Bright Side is to make the world a better place. A page that started small has grown into a full-scale operation, with approximately 20 articles published per day. Bright Side takes validity very seriously. All content goes through a very rigorous fact-checking and editing process.

8.) NowThis
Founded in 2012 and based out of New York, NowThis is a news and video publisher, with a strong following of over 8 million. Most of their viral videos are liberal based political videos, with current events, interviews, new technology, and inspirational videos. NowThis is also active on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


9.) Met Daan

MetDaan is a video publisher on Facebook that was founded in September 2015. It has an astonishing fan base of over 31 million. Its focus is on beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment. MetDaan’s mission is to publish content to “help you live your best life.” Many of the videos are well-produced hair styling techniques, recipes, makeup techniques, home craft ideas, and seasonal tutorials.

10.) Met Daan Creative

Met Daan Creative is a section of the Met Daan Magazine MetDaan Creative is a section of MetDaan Magazine dedicated to publishing the most creative and innovative videos with beauty trends and tutorials. Viewers will find unique and inspiring videos on art, craft and home décor tutorials, hair tutorials, makeup techniques, and jewelry reviews.

Jim Chan is a video professional since 2007. He operates VisualGnome, a video production company in New York City.

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